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defcon 25

defcon 25: — caesars palace in las vegas, nv – july 27-30, 2017

Freelance Design for Zebbler Studios amazing 3d video-mapped smiley skull stage (design: mograph & video-mapping)

video previews below:

txt brainstorms for visual inspiration for integrated elements:
{due to time & budget constraints only bits/bytes made it into the final renders}

* pi:möbius taps into ai robotic bioware-wildlife genetic synaptic memory with vaporware quantum entanglement tubes to bring resonant harmony back to an infinite noise void’s grey\goo sound virus tech that leaked from a floating lab threatening to turn the turbulent chaos foam where evolution thrives best into nothing or sameness squares… will life fade into fuzz or erupt into never ending iridescent rainbows of random tangents?

** tri or dye: pyra must saturate z sun with a rainbow of freq sines & sonic laser blooms to get the atomic gears flowing full spectrum again til the nanotech chlorophyll crispr bots can adapt to the inter-dimensional mountains devouring their star…

*** psyph must shift our parity-time symmetry quantum mechanics biotech hearts wireless charging into a parallel universe before corporeal co. black-hole moon kills all to power their propaganda machine… will her neon palm trees keep our circuitry beating til them?

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